Joatella Thompson- Ried


“Prompting the Staff to carry out a task, make sure the Parents are accommodated with as much information as possible and make sure all paperwork is done in a timely manner”.

Joatella’s job consists of overseeing the finances, the Staff and all engagements. Most of all make sure we fulfill the vision of a five-fold Ministry and the work of all exhilarates properly and God's word will not come back in vain. My responsibility is mentoring the children and always putting them first. She is to make sure us as a staff greet and smile at each and every one of our children and give them the love as if we were their parent or guardian. My job is to make sure we run Conferences, Workshops, Prayer sessions, make sure our uniforms have complete garments, make sure travel expenses are arranged and more. It just doesn't stop there being a president you have to be spiritually lead on what to do, where to go and how to act. Serving in this position for five years has been a life-changing moment, consisting of being the voice of this ministry, being The Shepherd of this ministry and carrying the load. I am a wife, to Darrell, mother of four children, two God children, nine grandchildren under my toology. I have a host of spiritual children and grandchildren. The most important part of this dance ministry is to make sure everyone comes in and leave out with laughter down in their soul. My motto for being the president of United Power Of Praise is that “Someone in the midst of us dancing to give God the glory someone will get saved”.

Marquerita R Newman


"Prompting parents with accurate information about the dance ministry"

Margo started her duties as a Board Member in September of 2013. Before that she was volunteering to help where ever she was needed. Margo will make sure that information is given to the parents and any other person she need to speak with. She is a behind the seen type of person. She don't want to be out front speaking. Margo likes to make sure things are done in order and in a timely manner. She is a wife to Gordon for 27 years, they have two grown kids and one Granddaughter who has helped her through more than she know and many other kids and grandkids she has taken on as hers. Margo likes to have fun, travel and make sure those she is around are happy. Because if they are Good, she is GREAT!!

Sharnetia Newman

Marketing/Web Designer

Sharnetia Joined the board in 2017. She has been a parent of UPOP for the last 5 years. Sharnetia has an Associate Degree in Multi-Media. She had been push and pulled to create and website but due to her fears she never did. Finally in March of 2017 she over came her fears stepped out on faith and created UPOP and website. In October of 2016 she enrolled back in school to finish school and is 10 classes from graduating with her Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. Sharnetia truly thanks The CEO, President and Secretary for believing in her and pushing her beyond her limits.

United Power of Praise

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