“You should always Think Bigger, Expect Better and Embrace Changes”.

- Vonshavious Jones

A Bit About The CEO

United Power of Praise Dance Ministry all started during a point in my life where I wanted to launch my own Dance Team that young people coming together to dance and not be a part of a church but more like a community ministry. The year of United Power of Prayer launching I was in transition of being shaped and modeled into my own image, in finding out what should I do about my Dream that was prophesied to me years back, so I began to get started. With Friends and Family Support United Power of Praise started on June 22, 2013 at Arbor Glen Rec Center where many kids came to sign up. By starting in a 2-bedroom Low Income environment I began to not despise small beginning but continued to have the faith that someday my Dream will eventually take my Vision International.

Today I am Humbled, content and wiser about my vision that God has birthed inside. Having a Wonderful Husband (Bryan Jones) supporting me, and motivating me every step of the way, 2 Beautiful Girls, and most of all having a personal relationship with my Father has made me who I am today.  Today, no matter what, I thank Him daily for my blessings.

“Your foot can be pointed in the perfect shape and twirling in the most fearful movement, but if the anointing behind your dance is not powerful then you’re not making dance personal with God. You’re moving to a rhythm that was taught, but not spiritually connecting with his presence.


United Power of Praise

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